Source for tourism products online

TravelOP is a marketplace that you can source for tourism products round-the-clock and compare tourism supplies, compare prices and secure best deals with oversea suppliers.

Buyer is sourcing for Tourism products online using his tablet on TravelOP marketplace
Buyer can check all tourism bookings and compare prices all on one place on TravelOP

Save time and money

Trade buyers who source for tourism products, invest substantial time and money on trade shows but result is always mixed. TravelOp can help.

Browse all supplies at one place

A faster sourcing alternative should be on marketplace where you can view all products and services at one place.

Compare prices and offers

With the marketplace, buyers view suppliers profiles, compare their products and offers instantly.

Meet good suppliers

Just like any offline trade shows, you will meet many oversea suppliers on the marketplace. How can decide if he is going to be a suitable business partner for you as far as trust, credibility and service are concerned? TravelOP can help.

Supplier verification

Members who sign up as suppliers are verified they are legitimate business.

Service ratings and reviews

Service ratings and reviews from past transactions are added layers of security and trust for would-be buyers.

Sellers and buyers on TravelOP marketplace are verified members to improve trust and credibility
Buyers on TravelOP marketplace can request for bulk quote from suppliers to improve convenience and speed

Small custom orders

Buying from wholesaler often means sheer volume without customization and getting standard products. TravelOP can help. 

Get locally

Source for tourism products online can be easy on the marketplace where eager local suppliers are more than happy to sell to you at lower local prices.

Flexible terms

Local suppliers are more open to flexible terms, smaller purchase, yet giving you the customization you want.

Join us as buyers

Travel Agent as Buyer on TravelOP marketplace

Travel agent

You run a travel agency and wish to source for more custom supplies from local sellers.

Wholesaler or DMC as Buyer on TravelOP marketplace


You operate a wholesale business and wish to connect to a bigger network of tourism suppliers.

Corporate Buyer on TravelOP marketplace

Corporate buyer

You buy tourism supplies for your company and wish to have more variety and flexibility.