About Us

We are a young tourism startup company, founded in late 2018 and we are based in Singapore.

Our mission

We build a online marketplace for tourism businesses to sell and buy travel supplies to each other. Beyond buy and sell, TravelOP is the online community for all members to expand their networks, collaborate more, share online, discuss, stay in touch with trends and much more.

how you can benefit

As a Supplier

The marketplace offers you as suppliers a storefront, so that you can list your products and services online without investing in a website. The storefront is search-engine friendly and can bring in more visitor traffic so that you can save on paid advertisement.

The marketplace connects you to local and overseas buyers so you can focus on your core, while leaving the task of finding more buyers and building your network to us. On top of finding more customers, there are plenty of opportunities to establish new trading partnership either within your supply chain or across the supply chain.

With additional sales channels, and almost no marketing cost (other than the effort to list your supplies), there are no better opportunities than now.

As a Buyer

Marketplace has no time constraint and problems with varying international trading hours. Your business can operate round-the-clock to connect to oversea suppliers from any country.

Buyers can source for more trusted suppliers, conveniently compare products, services, prices in a single place like the marketplace. Not only do you enjoy lower prices from local suppliers, you get customized supplies even for small orders.

We believe that trust is crucial in the marketplace and hence we put in place a user-driven reviews and rating system so that buyers can seek reference from, to source confidently for the next suppliers or partners.

Don't take our words for it, try us.

Lastly, you have all the support from us and all the marketing tool to use. It is free to join, sell and buy.